Spotify Introduces daylist, A New and Ever-Changing Playlist that Evolves with you Throughout the Day

Over the course of the day, your mood changes and so does the music you listen to. Spotify is excited to introduce you to daylist, a new and ever changing playlist that evolves with you throughout the day.

Launching today, daylist updates multiple times a day to serve up a series of highly specific playlists made for every version of you. Whether you’re having a ‘windows down thrillwave thursday evening’ or a ‘happy dance energy friday morning’, daylist updates with new titles and tracks that evolve with you throughout the day. Simply put, it’s your day in a playlist.

Here’s how to find your daylist:

  • Simply search ‘daylist’ on devices where Spotify is available to unlock your daylist or head to
  • Share with friends on social with a ready-made screenshot, a personalized sticker or a customizable sharecard.
  • Pro tip: Save daylist to Your Library for easier access throughout the day

daylist is available from today to both Free and Premium users across US, CA, UK, AU, NZ, IE. They’ll continue to evolve the experience and bring it to even more users in the months to come.