My Next Read: “Dear Catherine Wheel: Bonkers Letters To U.K. Indie Artists With Genuine Replies” By Derek and Dave Philpott

For close to a decade and a half the Philpotts have been getting under the skin of musical artistes. Picking up on glaring errors in their lyrics or sometimes getting completely the wrong end of the stick (perhaps to irritate things a little further) they totally misunderstand the meaning of ‘poetic license’.

Hundreds of missives have landed on the real and virtual doormats of musicians, worldwide. In return, these lyrical legends have exercised their right to reply, correcting and sometimes confirming the authors’ summation of what went wrong… or right.

In this book, enquiries were aimed directly at U.K. Indie bands.. These included Adorable, The Bevis Frond, Bis, Catherine Wheel, Crazyhead, Cud, David Devant and this Spirit Wife, Flowered Up, Fuzzbox, Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie, The June Brides, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, New Fast Automatics Daffodils, The Nightingales, The Orchids, Paris Angels, Pele, Salad, Senseless Things, The Soup Dragons, Spacemen 3, Swervedriver, Talulah Gosh, That Petrol Emotion, 3 Colours Red, Thousand Yard Stare, The Telescopes and The Woodentops

‘Dear Catherine Wheel” is the result.