Alternative Powerhouse Tina Hyde Drops Emotionally Charged Single ‘Happy Never After’

Tina Hyde, the multi-faceted alternative rock musician from Eastern Europe, has released “Happy Never After” – available now.

In this emotionally charged melodic classic, the rising singer-songwriter-composer, celebrated for her powerful voice and impactful lyrics, showcases her rock-star persona and commanding vocals. The track features her dynamic melodies and live guitar playing by Rahill Mirza.

“Happy Never After is about overcoming hardships and evolving despite any difficulties and negativity both as a person and spiritually,” Tina shares. “It evokes feelings of loneliness, finding inner strength, and the concept of revenge. It concludes with the idea that the best revenge is finding inner peace and liberation.”

In “Happy Never After,” Tina’s preference for loud, belting vocals shines through, highlighting her powerful voice. The track features beautiful transitions, catchy hooks, live guitar, and dynamic melodies, blending to create a unique and expressive listening experience.

“I wrote the song within minutes and finessed it in about half an hour,” Hyde explains. “The melody came along with the lyrics; it was all at once as part of the creation process.”

Since June 2023, Tina has launched her first EP, “Borderline Greys,” alongside several well-received singles. Her song “Live, Love, Die” skillfully captures the range of human and spiritual emotions in a beautiful composition. “Into the Night” provides a composed, heartfelt journey with its clear vocals, evocative production, and classical undertones. Her earlier release, “Echo of the Unborn/Earthangel,” blends jazz and goth rock influences with emotive lyrics and soulful melodies showcasing her unique artistic style.

Tina’s music has been featured on radio, music shows, and blogs. Currently, she’s immersed in new singles and a full-length album, exploring fresh collaborations and musical genres. Known for her ability to evolve and find inspiration, her deep passion for music shines through in her singing, writing, composing, and dancing.