Afropop Singer ADEOLUWA Rediscovers Love With New Single “Jeje” From New ‘For The Fourth’ EP

Finding new love after experiencing heartbreak can be both thrilling and exciting. No one knows this more than Oyo, Ibadan, Nigeria-born, Montreal-based Afropop singer ADEOLUWA. Following the heartbreak displayed on his previous EP “Kings of Detours”, ADEOLUWA returns with his julibant new EP “For The Fourth” and the single “Jeje”.

Steady drums, soothing background vocals, and a sprinkle of trumpet open the song as ADEOLUWA sings the first verse. The drums enhance the silky, steadfast tone of ADEOLUWA’s vocals as he tries to woo a new lover. When the chorus comes in, the chanted chorus combines with the horns, drums, and background vocals from earlier to create a sensual mood.

As the song continues, it builds on ADEOLUWA’s romantic lyrics and soulful vocals before climaxing into a rapturous soundscape of chants and horns, complemented by ADEOLUWA’s vocals and the background vocals from Itohan Agbator and Kelechi Prince synergizing together.

In fact, “Jeje” does its job as the lead single to the EP “For The Fourth” by serving as a tantalizing glimpse into the EP’s sonic landscape. Its infectious rhythm and soulful lyrics are a testament to ADEOLUWA’s ability to transport listeners to a world of love and celebration.

ADEOLUWA is a Nigerian-born Afro-fusion pop star with a unique genre-bending style, drawing inspiration from artists like Adekunle Gold, Stephen Schwartz, Jonathan McReynolds, and ASA. Based in Saskatchewan, he became known for his experimental soundscape and captivating live performance.

ADEOLUWA debuted in 2019 with his first album After Bells and Whistles. During that same year, the single “Escape” served as the opening act to the Saskatchewan Music Awards, which would receive airplay on numerous radio stations.

From there, ADEOLUWA would release a string of singles, EPs, and albums, including 2019’s live album Selections of The ADEOLUWA Experience, 2023’s album A Night At The Artisan, and 2024’s EP King of Detours. In 2023, he received an Afrobeats Artist Of The Year nomination at the Saskatchewan Music Awards and performed at BreakOut West in Kelowna last year, culminating with a prestige placement on Spotify’s Editorial New Music Playlist.

The popularity of Afrobeats has soared in the global music scene in recent years. This genre has crossed borders and fascinated audiences worldwide with its catchy rhythms and captivating melodies and has become a significant presence, not just on the radio but also at music festivals worldwide. ADEOLUWA’s rise represents more than just a part of the musical trend; it’s a celebration of African culture, resilience, and artistic innovation.

“For The Fourth” gets released on the first day of ADEOLUWA’s first solo tour – “For The King Of Detours.”

Tour Dates:
April 4, 2024 Lazy Owl, Regina, SK
April 19, 2024 The Alcove Centre for the Arts, Calgary, AB
April 27, 2024 Blackrose Whiskey Club, Saskatoon, SK
May 5, 2024 The Hub on Martin, Penticton, BC
May 17, 2024 Art House Café, Ottawa, ON
May 24, 2024 Avant-Garde Bar and Gift Shop, Ottawa, ON