Turkish-British R&B Artist Onur Sevigen Captures The Push-Pull of Two Cultures and Ambivalent Love in “My Way”

Having a foot in two cultures can sometimes feel like being torn between two lovers, and never getting any satisfaction. Turkish-British alternative artist Onur Sevigen tackles this conundrum in his sensual, suspenseful, and cinematic new single “My Way” – available now.

Fusing R&B, hip hop, and a falsetto rivaling Prince, “My Way” is percussive and passionate and perfectly captures a spirit in conflict.

“Growing up the son of immigrant parents packs on more challenges than one’s average coming of age story,” Onur explains. “Trying to navigate relationships, life, ambitions and also not belonging fully to either country is almost like being bisexual and not ever fully experiencing what it is to love both sexes, or at least being repressed in a way by society to choose one or the other.”

Yet the difficulty becomes particularly tangible when the narrator of “My Way” meets a young woman whilst trying to navigate the push-pull of his two cultures:

You give me something
You want that sweet life
But I just keep on running from nothing

Still on the road,
East boy west boy
Ain’t got a home
Wish it was simple
Wish I could know
But when I see you

Can’t lose my way

Previously known for his indie electronica/Brit pop sound, in his upcoming songs Onur showcases both eastern and western sonics mixed with bilingual lyrics. These new songs reflect both eastern and western cultures and Onur’s unique place within and between the two. He introduces eastern instruments like darbuka, davul and clarinet to blend eastern sound with his unique western style.

“It was important for me to use middle eastern instruments because this story originates from that geography and it only makes sense that so should the music,” he explains. “What drives my music has always been rhythm. And I wanted to combine my western sensibilities of production with my new-found superpower, the Darbuka!”

Hailing from London, ONUR does it all. At 25 years old, the British alternative R&B artist is not only a singer but also a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Shared with the world for the first time in 2018, his sound can be described as broken beats, soulful chords, and guitar fuzz, combined with yesterday’s dusty drums and tomorrow’s sounds and samples. With a falsetto reminiscent of Prince and intricate grooves not too dissimilar to Michael Jackson, ONUR is a hybrid of heroes who is pushing the envelope in the world of British R&B – a recipe that already brought him many fans, including in the music industry.