Survivalist Extraordinaire Les Stroud Drops Earth-Shattering Single ‘Ancients Call’

Les Stroud, the renowned Rock musician from Huntsville, Ontario, is proud to announce the release of his newest single, “Ancients Call,” – available now.

This impactful and moving song breaks through musical limits, encouraging listeners to rekindle their bond with the earth and the knowledge of their ancestors. Ancients Call is more than a mere track; it’s a deep dive into Stroud’s spiritual and emotional exploration, inspired by earth ceremonies around the world.

Drawing inspiration from the survival expert’s adventures while filming the series Beyond Survival, Ancients Call mirrors his immersion into numerous earth ceremonies, from Ayahuasca and San Pedro rituals to ceremonies honouring the elements and Incan high priests.

“These ancients are there, always, watching and waiting and available to us to communicate with, to learn from, and to seek out wisdom,” explains Stroud. “They know where we are going because we are already there. There is no time in their existence as there is no time in ours. We are not linear. I did, as I always seem to do, want to finish off lyrically in a positive place. In a place with hope. ‘But the earth can heal and so can I”.

Ancients Call highlights the collaborative genius of Bryan Potvin and Ian Auger, crafting a complex soundscape from Stroud’s African chant-inspired melody. Enhanced by heavy guitars and dynamic compositions, Kelly Adams adds ethereal vocals as Mother Earth and producer Mike Clink elevates the intensity, drawing from his famed work with Guns N’ Roses.

This latest single serves as a bridge between Stroud’s musical pursuits and his survivalist passions. “I absolutely love that this whole musical extravaganza, as bombastic and big as it is, is, to me, reminiscent of every prog rock band I have ever loved; Rush, Yes, King Crimson and of course Peter Gabriel,” he proclaims.

Known for his survival skills and engaging TV persona, Les Stroud has solidified himself as a versatile musician. His significant works, “Mother Earth” and “Bittern Lake,” re-released and remastered under the expertise of legendary producer Mike Clink, feature collaborations with renowned artists such as Slash and Steve Vai, showcasing Stroud’s diverse musical range.

His captivating live shows connect music with wilderness tales, reflecting his passion, versatility, and environmental commitment, solidifying his musical innovation. It’s more than just music; it’s an experience that inspires and awakens the adventurer in us all.