Sarantos Drops Thought-Provoking Single ‘Never Trust a Happy Song’

Chicago-based independent artist Sarantos presents a new single, “Never Trust a Happy Song.” The anthemic, catchy song’s joyful tone belies its weighty message, with lyrics describing personal missteps, mistakes, and moments of isolation and abandonment. Sarantos ultimately prompts listeners to ask what lies beneath the smooth veneer—of a song, or of any other attractive thing that may not be what it seems.

The multifaceted and hyper productive Sarantos is dedicated to bringing his art to life, literally, by releasing new music and writing weekly, keeping his fans tuned in for constant surprises. In Sarantos’s path, no stone is left unturned, no genre unexplored, no feeling unexamined. And he’s been doing this for almost a decade, releasing 18 albums containing more than 200 original songs, building a catalog of 4,000 songs in total—alongside nine fiction/fantasy books—and garnering a social media following of over one million. His efforts have paid off, landing several top 10 independent chart placements, two Grammy considerations, and multiple TV and media placements.

With his latest pop tune, “Never Trust a Happy Song,” Sarantos asks us to probe deeper, and presents the challenge of doing so when surrounded by a rallying pop song and imagery showing off other people’s happiness. The music video accompanying the song is a supercut of beautiful young people grooving with their headphones on, playing guitar, and taking in the scenery of a beach at sunset or a city in winter. Taken together, the footage recalls ads for antidepressants, meant to show the ordinary contentment one may finally feel with the right dosage.

But life and its inherent struggles will still challenge us, as Sarantos reminds us with the lyrics: “I’ve lived so many lives / Lost track of countless nights / Died so many times / But I’ve yet to do one right.” The lyrics continue through to a cathartic, humbling acceptance: “The world cares nothing about me / It’ll lie to you / Maybe it’s right to doubt me / It won’t cry for you.” Maybe we’re on our own, he suggests, but what does that matter? We pick up the pieces and push through.

“Never Trust a Happy Song” is decidedly poppy and extremely catchy. Yet Sarantos gravitates away from the saccharine, steering instead toward an uncompromising sincerity. The lyrics are raw and introspective, but Sarantos reminds listeners that they don’t have to sulk through the tune by weaving in and out of an almost playful chorus. His stellar vocal delivery carries listeners through relatable emotionality while working in tandem with an innate musicality. The guitar solo drifts through the song’s upbeat verses like a bittersweet memory, reminding us that although the song is catchy, we still shouldn’t trust a happy song.