Vancouver Hard Rockers THE MIGHTY ONE Reimagines The Power Ballad For The Age Of Social Awareness With “Kickin’ Stones”

In their third album, “The Torch of Rock and Roll”, The Mighty One has chosen to go full tilt at the fragility and vulnerabilities we try to hide from all but a select few. The 5th single from this album “Kickin’ Stones,” out now, is a haunting tribute to Jeff Worobec, a dear friend of songwriter, guitarist and lead singer Tim Steinruck who harkened back to the bygone days of youth and boundless promise when writing this song. The Mighty One, rounded out with talented musicians Bob Wagner (drums), Chris Campbell (bass), Randy Robertson (lead guitar) and James Meyer (keyboards) tackle the often difficult to discuss parts of what it is that makes us human, by exploring themes of hopelessness, loneliness, isolation and suicide in this song that also manages to remind us of the days when epic power ballads produced by hard rock and metal bands ruled the airwaves.

In what feels like a trip back in time to the days before the rock and metal stranglehold on popular music was upended, “Kickin’ Stones” takes you on a journey from the soft key intro to the outro that soars to instrumental heights with lyrical imagery spread evenly between. The song continues the tradition of a strong message with tact and dignity while not being afraid to say words out loud that others might bury in poetry that could obscure the fundamental message of suicide prevention and awareness.

Steinruck explains, “Jeff was a real good-looking man but was famous for sabotaging his relationships. One day he came into the studio with that look on his face. ‘What happened?’ I asked. ‘She’s gone’ he said. ‘I sent her down the road kickin’ stones.’ In that moment something just clicked, and the story of his life became a song.”

The Mighty One was formed in 2007 and had chart success with their self-titled album, and its single “Reprieved” with both reaching the Top 10 and the 2009 video for “Reprieved” still enjoying regular rotation on Canada’s music channel Much Loud. Their sophomore album, SHiFT, with two singles “Waiting For You” and “Countdown to Ascension” had radio success and prompted invitations to SXSW in Austin, Texas and Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Ontario. Further success was found when “Waiting For You” was licensed to the NHL and Sirius XM to celebrate Sydney Crosby’s return after leave due to a concussion. Their most recent album, “The Torch of Rock and Roll” continues to spawn singles; garner nominations and awards including “International Songwriter, Album, and Band Of The Year” at the 2023 International Singer Songwriter Awards in Atlanta, Georgia; and exponentially grow their Canadian and international fan base. They have received attention through coverage in Rock Hard, Power Play, and Fireworks magazines and you can hear their music on A+E, MTV, NASCAR, and Discovery Channels.