Rock stars ditch Jack Daniels for quinoa

From Bloomberg:

The chef with the job of keeping everyone well fed this time is Sam Letteri, who has previously worked with Take That, Elton John, Depeche Mode, Jamiroquai, and Rihanna.

He studied at Westminster College in London and got into the music business working at Ibiza Rocks with Popcorn Catering in 2005-2006. He says things have changed considerably since then, both in terms of food and drink.

“Some artists don’t mind — you can drink over dinner — but five years ago it was a lot more acceptable,” he says. “It was your old roadies, your tattoos-and-Jack Daniels roadies. Now, it’s young professionals. Everyone’s been to university.

“Dishes I do now, if we’d put on the menu five years ago — quinoa! — I’d be left at the side of the road if I’d done that.