You Can Now Have Your DNA Buried On The Moon

From CNBC:

A British company has launched a £600,000 ($1 million) Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to get to moon and drill into its surface, with punters able to buy memory on a digital time capsule – and even send their hair into space.

The Lunar Mission One project will use the initial funds to set up the plans for the moon landing and drilling and has signed up RAL Space – which has been involved in developing more than 200 space missions – as its technical advisers.

Enthusiasts can spend £60 to buy some space on a “digital time capsule” – a memory stick-like device– to upload photos or videos. This will then be buried in the hole drilled by the capsule launched to the moon’s South Pole. For a higher – yet to be determined – cost, punters would be able to pay to have strands of their hair taken on the trip.