Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Set Is Now Open For Display

The Heinz History Center in Mister Rogers’s own city of Pittsburgh has several items from his set on public display. You can visit the fourth floor Special Collections Gallery to see the largest collection of original items from the “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” television set on public view.

The installation include the entryway and living room set that Mister Rogers walked through to begin each show, King Friday XIII’s Castle, Great Oak Tree, the residence of Henrietta Pussycat and X The Owl, Picture Picture, the display that helped Mister Rogers teach children using interactive media, McFeely’s “Speedy Delivery” tricycle; and a variety of additional items from the “Neighborhood of Make-Believe,” including King Friday XIII’s telephone, Henrietta Pussycat’s outfit, Chef Brockett’s hat, Harriett Elizabeth Cow’s desk, and the bench that Mister Rogers sat on during each show. Also on view is a life-like figure of Mister Rogers, wearing his iconic sweater, necktie, khakis, and sneakers.


Great Oak Tree,      King Friday XIII's Castle,

Mister McFeely's Tricycle,     

Mister Rogers life-like figure,      Puppets,

Feeding the fish,      Fred Rogers,

Mister Rogers King Friday's castle,      Mister Rogers,