Jack White Has Just Created The Greatest Tour Poster Of All Time

Jack White continues to be one of the most creative musicians working – and might be up there in the all-time greats. He has now released a “scratch-off” tour poster for Las Vegas that Matthew Jacobson and Shelby Rodeffer have designed, which comes with a specially designed coin to scratch and expose underlying images. If you’re lucky and scratch a winning combination, there are a few prizes involved.

If you scratch to reveal a redhead, blonde, and brunette you win the “Three Women Prize Pack” containing three limited edition records: a 7″ single by Tempest Storm, a 7″ single by Amy Walker, and an album by Olivia Jean.
If you scratch to reveal Neitszhe, Freud, and Horace you win the “Three Thinkers Collection,” containing the limited edition live LPs by Bill Burr, Neil Hamburger, and Reggie Watts.
Three matching Third Man men will win you a $300 gift card to spend online or in-store at Third Man Records.

No word if he’ll continue this promotion, but these posters are as good as anything created in music.