You Can Now Create Your Own Selfie Doll

Eternize yourself, your mate, or your entire family (Counting your pet as well)! The look-alike Selfie Dolls made by Mahinarium are made after real people, with keeping the characteristics of a doll as well!  All you need to do is to contact them, send them a few pictures of the person you would like to have a look-alike of, describe him or her in a few sentences to make sure the doll mirrors him as much as possible. They make a raw concept, and send it to you in e-mail.  The clothes and accessories on the body like eye-glasses are handcrafted, too. The height of the Selfie Dolls is 30 cm, but you’ll feel like a giant to have your own doll.

Christina and Franky
Gyöngyi and Tibor
Cathy and Pete
Hockey goalie
Jan-Peter and Kirsten
Scott and Kelli - Giant Selfie dolls
Ed and Lisa