Born deaf, Christine Sun Kim uses technology, performance and drawing to study sound and spoken languages


Christine Sun Kim, deaf from birth, creates art at the intersection of sound, language, and music. From Medium:

Can you tell me about the various ways that you experience sound without hearing it? I’m curious how this ties into your artwork and the various ways you explore.

For a piece called “Feedback Aftermath,” I played with feedback for hours one night and then went home. At home I didn’t feel good — [I] felt anxious. I couldn’t sleep well that night, and I didn’t want to go back to the studio for one week. That was disconcerting. And then when I watched the video of myself — because I videotape myself sometimes — I felt sort of stressed out and uneasy. Later I realized that it had an impact on me, an extreme impact, like post-traumatic stress. Most hearing people don’t experience that. You have warning signals. If your ears hurt, you leave the room, you stop, you step away. I don’t have those signals, so I went past all warnings and experienced feedback to the full degree.