THIS is cool: Jambé – the Ultimate Electronic Instrument

As you can tell by looking at Jambé, it was inspired by a drum. It is shaped and sized like a drum, and is built with all natural wood and metal materials. It even fits regular drum stands. Jambé feels comfortable in your hands or on your lap, and you can play it with regular drumsticks or with your hands, just like any traditional drum.

The Jambé playing surface is covered with a special combination of materials and sensors that read every nuance, from the full impact of a drumstick to the light tapping of a finger. Jambé transforms those gestures into expressive dynamic sounds. There are ten sensor zones which can be programmed as different sounds or effects, giving you a rich sound palette.

Jambé connects to an Apple iOS device, which provides an outstanding user interface. You can easily expand and upgrade your instrument with a few taps on the screen. Jambé comes with a wide variety of sounds, and our In-App store will carry additional sounds and kits, which will open up new playing possibilities.

It’s curently in Kickstarter mode, and you can check it out here: