Sparks Gunna Fly? BFFs Forever? It’s Streaming Sites Vs/And Record Labels at CMW Panel

What can musicians and music marketers do to cut through the noise to be heard and discovered using streaming? How do playlists and curations help bands and labels? What opportunities are there for indie artists and how can they get the most out of streaming sites in Canada? Come to Canadian Music Week on Thursday, May 7 at the Osgoode Ballroom East at 2:30pm and find out.

Eric Alper (that’s me!)
Director of Media Relations and Label Acquisitions
eOne Music Canada
Toronto, Canada

Benji Rogers
President & Founder
New York, USA
Jim Rondinelli
Global Head of Content Licensing and Catalog
Rdio, Inc.
San Francisco, USA
Mike Denney
MDM Recordings
Toronto, Canada
Nathan Wiszniak
Label Relations
Rob Gross
Marketing Director
Dine Alone
Sarah Sleeth
Six Shooter Records
Toronto, Canada