Video From MIDEM 2015: How Digital Innovation Enhances the Live Music Business

Holograms, cashless payments and online interactions are among the few innovations which are already disrupting the live music business. Crowdfunding your next tour or managing the digital assets of an international festival are two extremes of the same reality: agents, bookers and promoters need to think digital first. Discover what their next challenge will be and explore new opportunities for your business.

Billy Koh, Founder, Amusic Rights Management (China)
Natalia Nastaskin, CEO of US Operations & General Counsel, The Agency Group (UK)
Fabrice Sergent, Co-Founder and CEO, Bandsintown Group (USA) @FabriceSergent
Fruzsina Szép, Director of Festival Coordination & Public Affairs, Berlin Festival & Lollapalooza Berlin (Germany)
Bill Werde, CEO, Fenton