Diemonds Release Details On Pledge Music Campaign For “Never Wanna Die” Album

Diemonds have finished recording their latest record “Never Wanna Die” and are ready to unleash it onto the masses on August 14. BUT, first they need your help breaking free from the debt keeping them behind bars!

To get this record into your hands and keep this rock n’ roll train moving they need their Die-Hards to come together and help bail them out. By pre-ordering the new album you’ll be doing them a huge solid while gaining access to behind the scenes video content that nobody else can see. Also included in your pledge are exclusive merchandise packages and epic fan experiences only available through this campaign.

Making this jailbreak means they’ll be getting back on the road and doing what they do best. Be among the first to hear “Never Wanna Die” on its release date and officially join their family of Die-Hards… What are you waiting for?

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