Alice Cooper gets it right on artists getting good

“Bands don’t seem to decide, ‘We’re not stopping until we either make it or don’t make it.’ They seem to stay together for a little bit of time and then just kind of go, ‘OK, that’s enough’ and move on. They don’t give themselves time to get good. It’s one album and out, and you go, ‘Guys, you’ve got to make five albums before you really click in with something’. There was a different work ethic between the Bowies and the Alice Coopers to now.

“Back then it was all about, how good are the songs? How good is the show? That was it. You made a record and then you toured, and then you made a record, and then you toured. You didn’t play at it — it was really your life. There were just bands that were lifers. Like Mick Jagger and The Stones, all the guys still out there like the Jimmy Pages and Jeff Becks. All they want to do all their life is play that music. I was one of those guys.”

– Alice Cooper, in Digital Spy