Gilles Vigneault to be Honoured at SOCAN Gala with First Ever Cultural Impact Award

Image: Le Devoir

Montréal’s famed Métropolis for the first time will set the stage for the annual SOCAN Awards Gala, one of Québec’s most important music industry events, on Monday, October 5, 2015, at 5:30 pm, where, among many other awards, the legendary Gilles Vigneault and his immortal anthem “Gens du pays” will be honoured with SOCAN’s newly created Cultural Impact Award.

The Cultural Impact Award salutes the deep cultural impact of a song or composition by a SOCAN member, and is one of many special achievement awards to be presented on the evening. Hosted by the prolific singer-songwriter Dumas, the evening is a celebration of the songwriters, composers and music publishers whose words and music are the source of emotions and help define a whole culture.

“Québec’s Francophone music scene is of the utmost importance to SOCAN,” said SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste. “This year we wanted to turn our gala into an even more prestigious event, notably by moving it to one of Montréal’s most celebrated venues, making the event even more dynamic and inviting, with even more stars walking the red carpet.”

The SOCAN Montreal Gala salutes the accomplishments of the more than 25,000 SOCAN members from Quebec, and nearly 50 prizes in 21 categories are awarded throughout the evening.

Each of the five achievement award winners at the event will receive The SOCAN, the world’s only major music industry trophy that is itself a musical instrument. The five bronze SABIAN crotales that adorn The SOCAN have been specially tuned to the first five notes of “Gens du pays.”

In addition, a new Electronic Music award will be presented and five songs will be presented a prize in the Anglo Pop Song category, a tribute to Québec’s thriving Anglophone music scene.

“It’s an honour to host the SOCAN Awards Gala,” said Dumas about his first emcee role with SOCAN. “I’m passionate about music and songs and the people who make them are fascinating. Each year, I rejoice at the wonderful place we give to our immortal songs, talented people and accomplishments. This celebration is inspiring and I am privileged to be a part of it.”

The other achievement awards to be presented on the night are Lifetime Achievement, awarded to a true pioneer of the Quebec music scene; International Achievement, awarded to a visionary band that has become a mainstay; Songwriter of the Year, awarded to a young songwriter who made the most significant mark; and Special Achievement, awarded to a singer-songwriter and lyricist, who captivated a whole generation in the 1960s.