Once A Tree premiere their Haunting new video ‘For You’ via MTV

Once A Tree premiere their Haunting new video ‘For You’ via MTV.com today. The electronic music duo made up of Jayli Wolf and Hayden John Wolf is making some serious waves in the US. With impactful lyrics forged from their personal experiences, the couple are breaking boundaries while connecting listeners throughout their genre bending sound, with their debut EP entitled “Thousand Lives” released this past summer. Jayli initially met Hayden as she sought a producer to shoot a music video for an original song. He offered to do the video for free in exchange for a place to stay. Hayden ended up staying three weeks, recording multiple new tracks, while filming and editing the music video for her solo project, all while forming an undeniable romantic bond. Starting out as a folk duo, Jayli submitted a song to the First Track Aboriginal Musician contest, winning for her songwriting. Traveling to Toronto to film the song’s respective music video, they fell in love with the culturally vibrant and growing city, and with two suitcases in hand plus a guitar, they decided to leave behind a troubled past and start fresh in Toronto.

Once A Tree released their new video ‘For You,’ off their current Thousand Lives EP.  The video features actors Maggie Mae Taylor and Brendt Thomas Diabo who play a young couple who are deeply in love, but battling alcohol and drug addiction.  The underlying theme of enabling, dependency, self loathing and insecurity are a topics that many people can relate too and identify with. The video was produced and directed by Once A Tree and shot in their hometown of Toronto.

The video premiered today on MTV, and you can check it out below.