Round Hill Music enters into worldwide admin agreement with Slaight Music

Round Hill Music has entered into a worldwide administration agreement with Slaight Music. Slaight Music was founded in 2011 with a mandate to support the Canadian music community through a variety of initiatives, and to develop Canadian talent via strategic partnerships with industry peers. Together, we will be working with their artists from across the country and across the musical spectrum.

“Slaight is synonymous with great music in Canada. We’re proud to have Gary and Slaight Music as our partners,” says Josh Gruss, Round Hill Music CEO.

Slaight Music is a true music incubator, an organization committed to fostering the ideal conditions for maximum creativity, carefully aligning promising talent with key players and influencers on the Canadian musical scene while also being invested in the technology sphere, helping Canadian music entrepreneurs develop the next generation of digital platforms and services.

Gary Slaight, President & CEO of Slaight Music and Slaight Communications, shared, “We at Slaight Music, including all of our artists and partners here in Canada, are very excited to be teaming up with Josh, Neil, and the talented professionals at Round Hill Music. Our primary mission is to develop Canadian songwriters and artists for the global marketplace, and we’re confident that our partnership with Round Hill Music will play a significant role in accomplishing that goal.”

Slaight Music has worked closely with over twenty Canadian musicians and bands to further their career development and help put their music in front of as many new fans as possible. Round Hill Music is thrilled to be working with Slaight’s roster of talent, including rising pop band Ascot Royals, as well as Slaight’s It’s Your Shot songwriting and artist development winner Jillea, who releases her first single, “Shattered”, this fall.