1950s Ads And Jingles From Green Giant, Chevy, Keebler And More

These commercials are for both well-known brands, such as Green Giant, Chevy and Keebler, to companies more local like Nekoosa Paper and Burny Brothers, who, according to one online reader, “were proudly featured at Wrigley Field well into the 1970s.” You never know who’s now working in advertising that might just be the next music star. When Mark Foster formed Foster the People in 2009, he wrote and recorded “Pumped Up Kicks” in five hours while working as a commercial jingle writer at Mophonics in Los Angeles. 

1.) Green Giant Music Bed (MP3)

2.) Deep Rock Gasoline (MP3)

3.) SpaghettiOs (MP3)

4.) Keebler (MP3)

5.) Chevy Trucks (MP3)

6.) Allstate (MP3)

7.) Music Bed (MP3)

8.) Burny Bros. bakery products (MP3)

9.) Bright New Ideas (MP3)

10.) Music Bed (MP3)

11.) Music Bed (MP3)

12.) Swanson (MP3)

13.) Standard Oil Yellow Tag Tire Deal (MP3)

14.) Green Giant (MP3)

15.) Music Bed (MP3)

16.) Sugar (MP3)

17.) Nekoosa Paper (MP3)

18.) SpaghettiOs (MP3)

19.) Solo Suzuki (MP3)