I’ve Got The Music In Me: Your Favorite Artists Mashed Up In One Great Music Video

How much fun is it being a rock star? This much fun! Klara Tavakoli Goesche put together an amazing music video featuring clips of the biggest musical acts of the past, set the the 1974 song I’ve Got the Music in Me by Kiki Dee. We’re still riding on the giddy motion these artists set off, not just the moment the performers were famous, but the aftershock.

I began this video project in December 2015. Sadly, we’ve lost two of the legends featured since I started. So this is now dedicated to David Bowie and Lemmy Kilmister. This video is a celebration of when musical artistry was all about the music. I also wanted to showcase this great song by Kiki Dee, the first white, female, ‘blue-eyed soul singer’ from the UK accepted by a Motown label. Finally, I made this in anticipation of the forthcoming HBO show ‘Vinyl’. Turn it up.