Future superstars to make waves in 2016

Yesterday on Canada AM, I picked 5 artists to watch in 2016 – Scott Helman, Halsey, Sam Hunt, Christina Carpenter, and Elle King. Due to a cuter-than-cute video of a sleeping panda bear I just had to comment on, I didn’t have time to talk about Scott, who lists his main influences as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Damian Rice, The Cure and Pink Floyd, which is exactly what you want your next rock and roll idol to listen to. He’s got a great record collection, and attitude to match. Live, he’ll play his massive hit Bungalow and then Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash as if he wrote it. The parents love him, the teens want to hang out with him. He’s James Dean with a guitar. And Scott, my apologies for not getting to you.

OK, now onto the video.