CAB CEO Radio Council Announces New Radio Marketing And Advocacy Initiative

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) CEO Radio Council represents more than 500 AM and FM radio stations across Canada, in major, medium and smaller markets, in the French and English languages. The Council brings together radio broadcasters of all types, market sizes and backgrounds to develop common solutions to regulatory, technical, marketing and other challenges facing the private radio industry in Canada.

The Council has recognized the need for a marketing and advocacy arm that will provide the research and marketing information necessary to ensure that radio is well recognized as an essential piece of any advertising solution. To do so, we are pleased to announce that a new version of a radio marketing and advocacy bureau will be established in 2016. A dynamic team will be set in place by the Spring of 2016. The bureau will commission research and develop presentations focusing on radio’s successes in providing efficient results for advertisers.

“The new team will provide information on radio that demonstrates clearly to national, regional, local clients and media agencies the radio advantage” said the Council Chair, and President of Corus Radio, Mario Cecchini. “We know that radio continues to be a most effective means of reaching Canadians of all age groups and delivering audiences to advertisers with enviable results. We know that whether it is a stand-alone medium or part of a multi-platform campaign, radio is an extraordinarily efficient medium.

The membership in the bureau will be open to all private radio stations, both CAB members and others.