Fret Friend May Help The End Of Guitarists Quitting Too Soon

Learning an instrument is great way to improve your memory, perseverance, concentration and self expression. But over 70% of people quit within two months of starting. Barrier of entry is high and progress is slow. It’s hard to get a hang of. By using visual cues as to where to place your fingers you can lower the barrier of entry and drastically improve retention.

Some guitarists tape paper to mark finger positions on the fretboard. Fret Friend created a more sustainable and dynamic solution available for everyone. Fret Friend is a composite fabric that can attach to the neck of the guitar with velcro hook & loop tape. With a special pen you can quickly draw and erase anything on the fretboard. And it helped everyone from 0 to years of experience progress faster and enjoy it more.

The campaign just started on Kickstarter.


With Fret Friend, learning not only becomes easier and faster! Maybe there was a certain scale or a solo, that took you days or weeks to remember and properly play? By adding a visual element to your learning you can speed up that process.

For years, self-taught musicians have been learning chords and scales by shapes, not theory. In fact, some of the most influential and world famous guitarists have stated, that they posses absolutely no theoretical knowledge. Either they learned how to play by ear (which is developed through time) or by learning the shapes.