Hear Ryan Adams and Bob Mould Play Music And Hang Out Together

There’s new music from Bob Mould. His latest album, Patch The Sky, comes out March 25. One of this legendary musician’s biggest fans — from his punk days of Hüsker Dü to the land of Sugar and his prolific and exciting solo records — is musician Ryan Adams. And as a fan and friend, Ryan invited Bob to his PAX-AM Studio and pressed record.

So for the next hour you’ll hear Bob and Ryan play music and hear a sprawling, geeky and fun conversation. Sometimes it’s about Bob’s record, other times it’s about Metallica bootlegs, caveman sounding lyrics, favorite cereals, fasted band, how the revival of vinyl helps make better, more focused records, praying, the quietness of church, zombies, Einstürzende Neubauten, noise rock and recording/mixing/soundboards.

You’ll also hear them break into song. Over the course of the hour-long conversation, they play three versions of two songs from Bob Mould’s new album recorded right there in Ryan Adams’ PAX-AM studio — they do “Hold On” and “The End of Things” together and then Bob plays “The End of Things” by himself. These aren’t the recordings from Patch The Sky; it’s just two friends, making music, having fun.