This may be the most impressive music video you’ll see all week

Matt Mahaffey aka sElf performs his song Could You Love Me Now in this unique and amazing video directed by Bodie Orman. This was shot backwards and you are viewing it forwards. So the first shot you see was the last shot filmed. Done in one take, Matt learned the lyrics to the song backwards and walked backwards for this video.

If you want to follow along, the lyrics he had to learn again are:

oh -an-nimulge-nuk
wu eesch na pearl wsinth -oahww
luv-aay nahhsuak nithel on seth
oh an-nimulge-nuk
hey moez noa did dee gaznea
neadrua thew gnar nithel on seth
nog monet eeea beinma oohon say ash
snaearlwu mussyeartth
NAAiii look masishnuss
emm nain all bish faeast ist toebehest