Slash gives his first interview since starting reformed Guns N’Roses tour: “It’s all cool”

Hands up if you didn’t think Guns N’ Roses would last this long into 2016. That’s what age, money, management and curfews will do for you. Slash has given his first interview since the Guns N’ Roses reunion kicked off with a handful of dates in April. The guitarist talked to Aerosmtih drummer Joey Kramer on Boston’s WZLX, and it sounds like things are going great between him and his old bandmates so far.

According to Slash, “Everybody’s playing great — playing nice,” he told Kramer. “Everybody’s getting along and everybody’s playing great, and the shows have been awesome. We all were pretty positive that that would never happen, so it’s still sort of blowing our minds. It seems so surreal to me, you know. But everybody’s really getting along great and I think everybody’s come a long way, and it’s all cool.”