Listen To 3 Hours Of Joe Strummer’s “London Calling” BBC Radio Show

During the 1990s and early 2000s Joe Strummer, former lead singer for The Clash, did a radio show for the BBC using the name of the band’s third album, London Calling. Check out the shows to hear the best of his record collection ecompassing rock and roll, punk rock, reggae, world music and a few great moments of Joe talking.

You can also hear it at iTunes for free, so turn it up!

Series 1, Episode 1: August 31, 1998

Series 1, Episode 2: September 7, 1998

Series 1, Episode 3: September 14, 1998

Series 1, Episode 4: September 21, 1998

Series 2, Episode 1: January 9, 2000

Series 2, Episode 3: January 23, 2000