Justin Bieber’s sister named Ambassador for tech start-up

KidsWifi, an Ontario-based technology start-up company with the goal to make the Internet a safe place for children, has officially launched today, and has chosen the inaugural FUZEnation Tech + Music Summit to help announce the launch of a revolutionary new internet device that helps protect kids while using the internet. KidsWifi’s official spokesperson is ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey, and Jazmyn Bieber, sister of Justin Bieber, is the innovative tech start-up’s official Kid Ambassador.

KidsWifi is an Internet safety device that is available for purchase today in Canada and the United States, and soon globally. This compact device is redefining Internet safety solutions with simplicity. Plug it into any home electrical outlet, connect to your home WiFi network, and in 2 minutes or less, you can be up and running with safe Internet.

“We are thrilled and honoured to share in the launch of KidsWifi as part of the inaugural FUZEnation Tech + Music Summit,” says Live Nation’s Emmanuel Patterson, Co-executive Producer, FUZEnation. “This opportunity exemplifies the outstanding opportunities and partnerships that exist in the Waterloo Region, and FUZEnation is proud to be part of this.”

Co-Founder of KidsWifi, John Stix, has extensive experience as an Internet executive, being immersed in the tech industry for over a decade.

“The Internet should be a place of safe discovery and learning but not while under constant threat from malicious individuals that want, and hope, to take advantage of our children. As a dad, grandparent, and a 12-year owner of a Canadian Internet company, I unfortunately know all too well the concerns and dangers that exist on the Internet. KidsWifi is a simple product to use that delivers huge comfort once and for all. We couldn’t be happier to find out that our KidsWifi device was selected as product of the event at FUZEnation 2016. It’s truly an honour! I wish to thank everyone that has helped to build Global awareness of KidsWifi including the Bieber family, Hickey family, Achor family and of course FUZEnation.”

Through its ability to block inappropriate materials online, parents will have peace of mind knowing their children are utilizing the Internet safely, without the risk of negative exposure. The device combines convenient and intuitive features to ensure your child’s Internet time is monitored effectively, while still giving them the ability to enjoy their online experience. The KidsWifi device allows parents to adjust settings to fit their individual family needs, which includes every Internet-connected device inside your home, from tablets and laptops, to cellphones and iPods. The parental dashboard includes analytics, so you can easily view blocked sites, blocked ads and websites your children have recently viewed. It also incorporates features such as automatic bedtime shut-off and automatic morning turn-on that can be customized to a child’s schedule. While the KidsWifi device provides parents with endless options for customization, it is already pre-loaded with ready-to-go universal settings.

With the one-time purchase fee of the device, automatic updates and no additional purchases required, the KidsWifi device truly simplifies Internet monitoring, screen-time, and protection in its discreet, compact frame.

Jazmyn Bieber is ecstatic to be a part of her very first partnership, as the Kid Ambassador for KidsWifi. As a lover of technology, Jazmyn believes the Internet is an important part of the lives of kids: “My favourite part of the Internet is learning things I never knew before, playing games and watching cool videos. Without the Internet, I would definitely be sad. I think it’s important for us kids to explore online. The KidsWifi [device] takes the best parts of the Internet and shows them to kids. So we’re safe and we only see what we want to see.”

KidsWifi is thrilled to launch an Internet safety movement with their device, by partnering with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey, Jazmyn Bieber, Shawn Achor and welcoming support from leaders across the globe. Made by parents, for parents, with kids in mind, the KidsWifi device strives to become an essential product in the homes of families everywhere.