Toronto-based Marlowe & the MiX wins USA Songwriting Competition

Toronto-based children’s songwriter and performer Marlowe Stone of Marlowe & the MiX won The USA Songwriting Competition first prize of the Children’s music category with her song “Live In Colour”.

This is the first time that the winner of the Children’s music category has been from Canada, and Stowe is the only Canadian winner this year across all the categories this year. The song is the title cut from their latest album, a former #1 on iTunes Canada Children’s Chart.

In 2013, singer-songwriter Marlowe Stone and her amazing band of MiX KiDS changed the sound of family music with their groundbreaking debut, ONE DANCEFLOOR. Children around the globe fell in love with Marlowe & the MiX’s high-energy pop songs and live shows, encouraging them to move, groove & sing along. Award-winning singles like LIFE IS A ROLLERCOASTER allowed parents to crank up the pop music with 100% family-friendly lyrics. Aimed at kids 3-tween, Marlowe & the MiX successfully bridges the gap between traditional children’s music and Top-40 radio.

With LIVE IN COLOUR, the family dance party continues! The first single and title track was awarded BEST CHILDREN’S SONG by the international Independent Music Awards. With top Canadian Producer Chris Perry at the helm, Rob James (“Rj”) singing/rapping and seasoned guitarist Randy Starr (“Mr. Starr”), The MiX is stacked with pop industry pros.

Taking this release to the next level, Marlowe puts her incredibly talented group of MiX KiDS in the spotlight and they absolutely sparkle on catchy songs like SHOW YOUR GLOW. Sleepover parties will never be the same as Dylan & Aja turn it up on LiGHTS OUT! And young gamers beware as MiX KiD Mathew goes ViDEO GAME iNSANE! LIVE in COLOUR also gets personal, as Marlowe shares more of herself on tracks like GEMINI and PiCTURE ME in NYC.

As Creator of Marlowe & the MiX, Stone responded to a gaping hole in kids music in 2013. She said families found themselves “musicless“ after they were done with The Wiggles and before shock value pop stars like Miley Cyrus & Lady Gaga. Stone knew she could fill the gap with clean, Top-40- sounding tracks, woven with positive messages, and today parents are celebrating The MiX’s 100% family-friendly music, “I used to be on edge in the car, listening to music with one hand on the wheel and one on the volume knob, waiting to turn down the inappropriate lyrics. Not with Marlowe’s CDs,” emailed one Dad to the band, “Now we ALL sing every word.”

It’s crystal clear that Marlowe & the MiX has been built on the premise of empowering kids to SHiNE. Every fan in the audience is called an ALLSTAR and every live show is full of courageous MiX KiDS getting up on stage to sing or dance in the MiX PACK. It’s a safe, pop concert environment, with video screens, glow sticks and slick production numbers and the ALLSTARS are encouraged to MiX IT UP in the mini mosh pit!

With one reviewer calling the act’s first album, “Free to Be You & Me meets the Black Eyed Peas” and another critic writing, “This is Katy Perry for Kids…Brilliant!” Marlowe & the MiX have built a solid brand in family entertainment that impresses every generation. They have performed for corporate clients such as Sears, Lululemon, CIBC, Indigo, Rogers and more. Marlowe Stone has also been commissioned by Memorial Sloan Kettering, Kids Help Phone and Sick Kids Hospital to write theme songs for campaigns and she is currently working on a new anthem for Free the Children.