Upcoming Music Concerts in the UK

 When it comes to entertainment, one thing that many people love to do is attend live events. For music lovers, attending concerts from their favourite bands and artists provides a thrill like no other. No matter what genre of music you are into – rock, pop, classical, indie, or any other genre – you will find plenty of choice when it comes to music concerts. As with other years, 2017 is set to be packed with excitement for music fans, with a vast array of concerts coming up from artists covering a huge range of genres. Depending on the artist that you are planning to see, purchasing tickets for these events can be costly in some cases. However, you can head to specialist ticket retailers like Get Me In to secure your tickets at a good price and with ease and convenience.

Some great gigs coming up over the year

If you are eager to attend a live music concert this year, you will be pleased to know that there will be plenty of choice available to you. From classic bands and artists to fresh, new musical acts and world famous artists – the world is your oyster when it comes to finding the perfect live music act to enjoy this year. Some great up and coming music concerts in the UK this year include:

  • ABC: Anyone who is a fan of the 1980s will remember the iconic sounds of ABC, one of the leading bands of the 80s. The distinctive tone of lead singer Martin Fry can be enjoyed once again this year as the band takes to the stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London this April.
  • Amy McDonald: Known for her unique voice, which combines folk and rock, Amy McDonald is a delight to listen to. Her tour this year marks the release of her fourth album. If you want to see her live, you can catch her at the Royal Albert Hall in London this April.
  • Diversity: Millions of us watch the brilliant Diversity reign victorious in Britain’s Got Talent several years ago. Well, if you thought they were good on the TV you will love seeing them live. You can do this by attending one of their concerts over the course of April this year at various locations across the UK.
  • Adam Ant: When it comes to the New Romance era in the world of music, Adam Ant was at the forefront of the movement. He has had huge hits in the 1980s and many number one singles. You can enjoy the magic of this unique artist once again with a line-up of dates in various locations across the UK this May.
  • Kaiser Chiefs: This year will see the brilliant Kaiser Chiefs head out on their first tour in two years. Marking the release of their sixth album, the band will be playing a variety of locations in the UK over the course of February and March 2017.
  • Alice Cooper: For those who are into their classic rock, there is no better artist to see than the much loved and truly unique Alice Cooper. You can see Alice Cooper later this year in November with performances in various UK locations.
  • London Symphony Orchestra: Combine culture, music and unbelievable talent with a trip to see the London Symphony Orchestra live this year. You will be captivated by the incredible performances these talented musicians give one stage. You can head to one of the events during the summer in July 2017.
  • Drake: Drake has become a huge name in the world of rap and hip-hop. If this is your favourite genre of music or you simply want to see a fabulous talented rap artist strut his stuff you can head to one of Drake’s concerts over the course of February and March this year.
  • Vanilla Ice: Another great rap artists who is most definitely unique is Vanilla Ice. Many of us will remember him for the iconic ‘Ice Ice Baby’ back in the 1980s, and this American rap star is still going strong, Check out his talent for yourself by heading to one of his concerts in September and October 2017.
  • James Morrison: This versatile artist is a great choice for those who love the sound of jazz and blues music. He always makes a huge impression the crowds at live concerts and you can see this for yourself by attending one of his incredible performances in June this year at Hampton Court Palace.

These are just some of the fabulous music concerts that are due to take place over the course of this year. So, if you want a fabulous entertainment experience and a truly memorable night out, head online and get your tickets booked.