Why It Took Garbage’s Shirley Manson A Long Time To Call Herself An Artist

Strange Little Birds is Garbage’s latest album, released on Stunvolume, the label it collectively founded in 2012. It comes just ahead of Manson’s 50th birthday, and she says that her 20-plus years of performing have had a profound effect on both her instrument and her outlook.

“I mean, when I first started out, I didn’t even think of myself as an artist: I just thought of myself as a lucky girl who got a lucky break,” she says. “It took me a long time, arguably a decade or more, before I thought, ‘Actually, I am a musician, and I need to make music in order to be happy.’ And once I figured that out, I realized that I was a creative artist, and that changed the way I approached making music. It changed my intent, for want of a better word.”