Take your own virtual tour of Roland’s synthesizer museum

At the Roland R&D Center in Hamamatsu, Japan, the instrument company maintain a private museum that exhibits Roland and BOSS musical instruments that date all the way back to our foundation in 1972 and span the genre-defining musical eras of the ’80s and ’90s. The instruments on display are still used as references for current product development.

While the museum is not open to the public, they’ve released exclusive online access through a 360-degree VR experience. You can view the museum in a guided 360-degree video tour, or explore the displays at your own pace with a virtual walk-through in Google Street View.

“The History of Roland Innovation” exhibit presents many vintage musical instruments, from synthesizers, pianos, and organs to electronic drums, guitar products, recorders, sequencers, and more.

The video below allows you to experience the museum in a 360-degree tour. It also includes aerial views of Roland Headquarters, the Miyakoda Factory, and the R&D Center. On a smartphone, you can change your view by turning your phone in different directions. On a computer, simply drag the screen with your mouse.