Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Bacon and Chris Stapleton Perform as ZZ Top in First Draft of ‘Legs’

First Drafts of Rock takes a look at the original version of ZZ Top’s “Legs.”

She’s got legs
She knows how to use them
She never begs
She knows how to choose them
She’s got arms
They’re like legs but on her upper half
She’s got elbows
She scrubs ’em when she takes a bath

She’s got hands
She knows how to wave them
She’s got eyebrows
She knows how to raise them
She’s got nostrils
She knows how to flare them
She’s got a butt cheek
She’s actually got a pair of them

She’s my baby
She’s my baby
Yeah, it’s alright!

She’s got teeth
Sometimes calls them chompers
She’s got feet
Sometimes calls them stompers
She’s got a belly button
An innie not an outie
She’s got kneecaps
Also calls them chompers

She’s got a head
In Spanish it’s “cabeza”
And on the front of her head
She’s also got a face-a
She’s got a rib cage
I learned that from an x-ray
She’s got thumbs
She uses them to text me

What is texting?
What is texting?
It’s 1983!

(Kick-butt guitar solo)

She’s got a pencil
Hey Frank, that’s not a body part
What about a napkin?
Nope, still not a body part
How about a necktie?
That’s closer to a body part
What about just neck then?
Bingo, that’s a body part

She’s got a neck, she’s got a neck,
This song is called “Neck”