Warpaint Reveal How To Keep Your Friendship Intact While Being A Band

How have your friendships changed over the course of the last 12 years?
I think it changes. It goes in phases. We all started out as friends. Stella came into the band and we didn’t really know her super well. We weren’t really friends with her beforehand. She was an acquaintance, we had met her a few times. Emily and Theresa grew up together, they’ve been best friends since they were eleven. I met them after and instantly fell in love with them. Over the years, collaborating, working on relationships in general can be super challenging. I think creative relationships, with others or just yourself, and dealing with the internal dialogue that comes with being an artist is pretty complicated. You might take things a little more personally, it’s not just a work relationship, it’s also a friendship. There are two sides to that. It can work against us, but because we’re friends we want to talk through it and work it out. Where you might just brush past it alone, we have to figure out how to communicate about it. No one is okay with not feeling close. It’s been great for us now, it’s really on point.

We do get in arguments, we do get in fights, there might be a bit of yelling, but at least it’s over.I think we’ve gotten a lot better about not holding things in. We want to be good to one another, and love each other. We want our jobs to be fun.

You should enjoy your life, you should enjoy your job and the people you’re surrounded by. You also have to take care of yourself and make sure that you’re feeling happy, and you’re having compassion for yourself.