A Flock of Seagulls & Jimmy D Robinson Going Collab For “Living in Time” Album

It was announced today by Mind Juice Records, that the collaboration between American poet Jimmy D Robinson and A Flock of Seagulls, with the band’s original lead singer Mike Score, will be releasing the full-length “Living In Time” album near summer’s end—to ensure qualification for the 2018 Grammy Awards. This is good news for longtime Seagulls & Robinson fans who have been following the pairing’s advance singles (Billboard Club Top 25 hit “Ageless Prince” and fan-favorite “In the Garden”) while anxiously awaiting the full-length “Living In Time” CD release. Score and Robinson both confirm that the “Living In Time” pop and electronica-tinged, chill lounge CD will hopefully be finalized and ready to be released soon after the next single “Pedro” is promoted to radio and clubs—prior to the August 24, 2017 Grammy Award entry deadline. No firm date for the album’s release has been set at the time of this announcement.

“The “Living In Time” CD project started out basically as an experiment and grew over time, because of everything gelling so well between Mike, Josh, and me,” states Jimmy D Robinson, Billboard charting artist. “I have been producing my poetry into musical art for nearly ten years now with many talented artists. Teaming with A Flock of Seagulls, by far, is the most rewarding and fun experience yet. It is a blessing that the music fans have loved the first singles and are asking for more.”

The “Living In Time” CD is a modern artistic music project conceived by the incomparable American poet Jimmy D Robinson featuring his poetry turned into to song. Produced in conjunction primarily by Score and Robinson with the powerful music flair of international producer Josh Harris, the “Living In Time” recording project began in 2015.

“Jimmy is a brilliant artist and vivid poet. It is exciting to create melodies to his prose, which lends itself well to this music genre,” states Score. “The fans have been really supportive of this new phase for “A Flock of Seagulls” and we’ll start incorporating some of the tracks into our live shows. It will be great to have Jimmy out on stage with us performing our music together. Our collaborative efforts have proven quite magical.”

The “Living In Time” CD will soon spawn it’s next singles “Pedro” and “Things Change,” sometime over the next several months. The tracks will be remixed for dance radio and clubs by well-established producers, such as: Grammy winner Dave Audé, Moto Blanco, Mauro Mozart, Mike Cruz, and more.

“I am pretty excited about the next two singles “Pedro” and “Things Change,” states Jimmy D Robinson. “For “Pedro” we are currently shooting a dreamy music video in several exotic locales. And, for “Things Change,” which is my favorite song thus far, we are considering a couple of great female pop music voices to add to the mix. Nothing is solidified yet though. We’ll keep everyone posted!”

For your listening pleasure, check out Soundcloud below to hear all of Jimmy D Robinson’s recent releases with A Flock of Seagulls.