SessionsX Premieres new Hardline Channel featuring Jeff Waters of Canadian thrash metallers Annihilator

Long-running Canadian thrash metal band Annihilator has been featured on Hardline, the brand new hard-hitting music interview series from Sessions X. Featuring a lengthy interview alongside live footage of the band’s recent performance at the Opera House in downtown Toronto, the footage includes Jeff discussing the band’s upcoming studio album, their lengthy history, why bands struggle so much to break out in Canada, and much more. The interview coincides with the launch of the show, hosted by veteran metal journalist Sarah Kitteringham (Banger, Noisey, Exclaim!, New Damage Records). Fans can watch the interview and live clips now here.

Founded in 1984, Annihilator has released 15 studio albums under the tutelage of band mastermind, guitarist, and vocalist Jeff Waters, who has assumed a myriad of roles for his band. Considered part of the Big Four of Canadian thrash metal, Annihilator joins Sacrifice, Voivod and Razor as the country’s premier metal exports. Formed in Ottawa, the band is particularly infamous for their 1989 debut Alice in Hell and 1990 follow-up Never Neverland. Performing a blazing style with growling vocals, groovy licks, and refreshingly down-to-earth lyrics, the band survived the commercial downturn of metal in the ‘90s, going on to become a phenomenon worldwide. Now working on their 16th record, they continue to carry the torch for Canadian metal.

Hardline is a new series by Sessions X focused on edgy hard hitting music and the influential people behind it. Combining exclusive interviews and live performances captured at the highest quality possible, the channel delivers an in-depth look at the “hard” music (punk, metal, hardcore, etc.) and the culture that revolves around it.  To learn more about the channel, visit