Vintage TV Canada is the new home of country music

Vintage TV Canada has announced plans to invest in the country music market with new programming designed specifically for fans of the genre.

The news comes as CMT (Country Music Television) Canada stopped playing music videos on the channel to refocus programming in other areas. Vintage TV Canada has stepped up to the plate to ensure that country music fans are still able to access high quality content from both emerging and established country artists.

Vintage TV Canada’s Creative Director and legendary broadcaster, Alan Cross comments:

“There have always been millions of country fans across Canada, as well as a vibrant domestic country scene from coast-to-coast. As a channel that loves good music of all genres, Vintage TV Canada will ensure that the country music fan is not forgotten and that country music artists are given the support and visibility they deserve.”

Since launching in October 2016, Vintage TV Canada has given viewers access to a wide variety of musical genres including pop, rock, blues, folk and metal with country integral to the mix. Through its original programming, such as Needle Time and Live With…, Vintage TV Canada has provided an unparalleled platform for country music artists to reach their audience. The channel has supported rising stars such as Ward Thomas, The Shires and Sarah Darling, alongside established acts like Blue Rodeo.

Vintage TV Canada also airs dedicated playlist shows featuring music videos from some of the greatest country music artists such as Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and Shania Twain.

Veteran music presenter, Paul McGuire, said, “I’m thrilled to know that country fans will still be able to enjoy their favourite music on television. The talented team at Vintage TV have realized that these fans and artists are passionate and dedicated, and deserve a new home for country music. I’ll be watching!”

Vintage TV Canada’s plans have been met with enthusiasm by Ted Ellis, the Chair of the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA): Brookfield Place Suite 1800 Box 754181 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario M5J 2T9 Canada

“As Chair of the CCMA, I am not only very relieved to know that Vintage TV Canada will be devoting a significant proportion of its schedule to country music, I am keen that our artists and labels should support that initiative in every possible way.”

More details about the new country music programming for Vintage TV Canada will be unveiled in due course.