BTS Drops New Album and “DNA” Music Video

BTS’ new album LOVE YOURSELF, ‘Her’ was released worldwide simultaneously at 5AM (EST) / 6PM (KST) on September 18, 2017. The LOVE YOURSELF: ‘Her’ announces the beginning of BTS’ new LOVE YOURSELF series and contains new images of BTS using LOVE as the theme depicting new and first time relationships. Rap Monster, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope and V are revealing their view of LOVE through photos and music in this collection.

LOVE YOURSELF: ‘Her’ consists of eleven new songs and skits and two hidden tracks, showcasing BTS’ expanded musical explorations into new genres including EDM, Disco, Synth Punk along with their signature sounds.

BTS’ album is already buzzing across the world, breaking new album sale records with the 1.05 million pre-orders. Previous BTS releases have infiltrated the Billboard 200 four times ranking at 26, the highest chart number for any KPOP artist. Now with physical product being made available for the first time through Amazon, expectations are high for LOVE YOURSELF: ‘Her’ entering the charts.

In addition to the album, BTS released the music video for their comeback track “DNA” through the official BigHit website and social network service channels at 5AM (EST) / 6PM (KST). “DNA” falls neatly into EDM-Pop and the song has a unique musical structure using drop parts that are not common to K-Pop tracks. The lyrics deal with love and passion from the perspective of youth and includes the use of whistling along with acoustic guitar.

The video visually represents the lyrics “the two of us are connected fatefully from the beginning, and we’re together from DNA,” through the change of scenes and crossover between virtual reality and the universe. The continuity of time and space is represented visually through the music video cross cutting geometrical graphics and real images. “DNA” reaches its climax during the choreography scene when all seven BTS members hold hands together and connect as one like DNA.

Following the release of LOVE YOURSELF: ‘Her’, BTS will do a live broadcast, comeback special ‘Bangtan News’ on Naver V app at 8PM KST. BTS will also hold a worldwide live broadcast ‘BTS Comeback Show’ with Mnet on September 21 where the audience can watch BTS performing songs from their new album for the first time.