Short Cuts: The Best Songs Heard On December 25, 2017 From The Indie World

Bleach Baby
Be So Good
Bleach Baby follows up their successful debut single, “This Is For You,” with the second release from their highly anticipated EP coming in 2018. If you remember Ride On Time and feel like you’re missing out on Deep House due to, you know, life and mortgages, check this one out.

OKO & Rosie Darling
They created this song through Skype, since they were over 3,000 miles apart. Skype! That won’t be the legacy of the group though, and just imagine what they can create by being both in the same room.

Anonymous Conflict
Old Saigon
It always surprises me when one person gets behind a name for their project – think Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, or Iron & Wine for Sam Beam. There’s a definite sparek to this song, and one listen, you’ll know why he really doesn’t need anyone else for his wicked vision.

Gabe Lopez
Gabe is a go-to songwriter backed by hits for Belinda Carlisle, NKOTB, Boyz II Men, Krayzie Bone, and more. This year, he’s returned to performing and writing his own material. He continues his formidable run of hits with this track, and good thing he decided to keep it for himself.

Prison Break

The project of Amsterdam musician Chris O. Kikic, calls to mind some of NPR’s favourite artists, and this is really the answer to saving the music industry: Good songs, exploring the evolution of alternative rock.

Marty Ponster

Hey, Vancouver, what are you doing sleeping on this group? From behind the scenes as DJs in the club, to now a fully-realized band in ready to he heralded a soon-to-be commercial and critical glory, this is one of the most modern age’s sincere tracks in the last few weeks.

we are, et al.
Summer’s Colder & I’m Still Here
Sometimes, you see or hear a name of a group or concept, and you think that could be the most original quality from them. Worry no more about we are, et al. Based out of San Francisco, this earthy slice of folk-rock is full of colours and vibrancy.


OK, I love it when violins or fiddles move into the modern world or rock, dance or EDM. Zita is from Hungary, and also produced this effort and his compelling and exciting. Ashley MacIsaac and Natalie MacMaster do this so well, and I love them both for doing it. Add Zita to this list. More of this in the disco and arenas, please.

Subway Club
Atom Bomb

From Stockholm, Sweden, this club is going to need a few more spaces for new fans. Incredibly talented, their secret is not too have too many ideas in the track. It’s just enough to continue their consistent quality of tunes and melodies.