Short Cuts: The Best Songs Heard On December 27, 2017 From The Indie World

Nikö Blank
______ – (Pronounced “Blank”)

Nikö Blank is one of electronic music’s most buzz-worthy and prodigious young talents. His unofficial Flume “Never Be Like You” Remix, which reached the #1 spot on Hype Machine, at the time beating out official remixes of the track by Disclosure, Wave Racer and Teengirl Fantasy. ______ is a beautiful piece of work, for your heart, for your mind and for your soul.

Location (Acoustic Cover)

A three-time Van’s Warped Tour veteran and perennial international songwriting contest finalist, Amplified has a clutch of compelling solo releases behind him. chalked full of his guitar squiggles and voice. If you dig Jack Johnson and SiriusXM’s Coffee House channel, follow him.

Murray Lake
Is This Goodbye Feat. Jamie Lidell

A few years ago, Murray opened a recording studio in Australia, and have had Theophilus London, Boys Noize, Anderson .Paak, MK & Freddie Gibbs record there. Murray may have taught these artists a thing or two – and this song with Super Collider;s Jamie Lidell leans a bit heavy towards Bowie, but that’s never a bad thing, either.

Jordan Pope
That Way

Jordan Pope is an independent rising rapper and singer from the Bay Area. With a unique background of having two siblings being born with disabilities, he has developed intense compassion for others, and I don’t know if I had to tell you this fact, but now that you do, you’ll take the spiritual and best moments of the song with that much more closeness. There’s nothing out of step here, and the playing on the song is gorgeous, really smooth and sexy.

Aura Blaze
Ripple (Grateful Dead cover)

This is one person? Seriously? Rhode Rachel does this whole song? I’m not the biggest Dead fan, but I’d love to see what he can do with a real freak-out song. He takes you back to the place where The Doors, Pink Floyd, and Strawberry Alarm Clock lived and newer artists like Tame Impala, The Black Angels, and Temples pick up the ball. If you ever meet Aura, he seems like the kinda guy you’d want to talk music with for hours.


Straight outta of London, United Kingdom, Mezmah sounds like they’re ready for fame with this personal escape into his real conscious. No outside pressures developing here, this is lit.

Nick de la Hoyde
Hold Me Close

Sydney, Australia based singer/songwriter/rapper Nick de la Hoyde began expressing himself through music when he was 16 while pursuing a professional, football career in Barcelona. Smart move. If he keeps this up, he can buy his own team shortly. Imagine Justin Bieber with The Chainsmokers hosting your party with Drake coming in for a few seconds to drop by.


Spellbinding track for fans of Hedley, All Time Low, and other dark and enigmatic pop rock band from a punk rock and metal heart. Not quite hardcore, one of the great indie songs to come out this month.


Highly energized electro pop from essentially the solo vehicle for singer/songwriter Ben Lovas. 25 years ago, he would have opened for New Order as his big chance. Now, he can infiltrate the fanbase and let them know he exists, and I can’t wait to see how thrilled and excited they’ll all be.

Quarter From Tha Valley ft. Perelli2 and D Ruck
Believe Me

Straight from the studio to the dancefloor, a song like this gives newly-signed MC Quarter From Tha Valley the step above everyone else fighting for their shot. Contains such an irresistible chorus that we might be looking at him 10 years later, marveling at where it all began.

Uncontrollable Pride

Not to be confused with the sometime lead singer of I Mother Earth, this duo has the smarts to get any songwriter back to the books for lessons. All that’s needed from this song are a fee ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ and you’ve got the best song of the summer, a little bit past the due date. Recommended if you like Tom Petty and George Harrison, and quite frankly, who doesn’t?