Stewart Copeland: Where The Gods Live Mini Doc Is A Must-See For Musicians

Reverb had the opportunity to visit legendary composer and musician Stewart Copeland at Sacred Grove Studios. Their conversation began discussing his work as a drummer, for which he’s internationally known due to his work in The Police, but soon branched out to discuss his background in jazz, his adventures (and misadventures) uncovering rhythmic mysteries in Africa, and his work as a composer for film and ballet. All along the way, Stewart displays the instruments he has collected over the years. We know that you’ll be enthralled on your journey into Stewart Copeland’s world.

“There’s not much connection between playing drums and writing music, oddly. Playing drums is an instinctive, elemental participation in something. Composing is looking inside your mind and conjuring up something and creating a piece of music. Playing drums is an experience, it’s not a composition, it’s not an intellectual exercise. It’s something that you’re doing, and you feel it as you do it.”