Short Cuts: The Best Songs Heard On January 5, 2018 From The Indie World

Acid Dad
Die Hard
Acid Dad first appeared in the New York scene in 2016. After spending the year self-releasing demos recorded at their studio in upstate New York, the band garnered local praise from the likes of Oh My Rockness, Consequence of Sound, BrooklynVegan, Stereogum and more. This song is a triumphant vindication of those great blogs getting to the band early. A cross between Devo, The Strokes and The Romantics playing in Elvis Costello’s room, and that’ll do me fine.

Greg Owens and the Whiskey Weather
Xanax and Whiskey
Greg Owens grew up in a small rural town in West Tennessee just 80 miles North of Memphis, and it’s gotta be a tough area. There might not be a better title to fit the kind of music playing this year. A hypnoic sound in the pipes, a mind full of loneliness, this is compulsive and genuine. Forget old or even outlaw country – he’s going to break your soul like Nick Drake or Springsteen ever did. I’d love to hang with Greg, but with his history, I think I’d die before sunrise.

Edwin is brothers Jacob and Matthew Boll, who traveled to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to record with S. Carey (who also plays drums on the record) who helped them combine their songs with their love for George Harrison, Michael Kiwanuka and a touch of Pink Floyd. They’ve got a sound for caring about when they found the gem, never overly complicating the song. They’ve got the ability to let their sound breathe. Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.

Ark Patrol
Sounds bleak, but spiritual, but always in control. The voice could make you squirm to newcomers in its efforts to sound a bit other-worldly, but its in their search for inner space in the outer limits of EDM is where they’ll be fully realized as the geniuses they are.

Kibbo Records
Naked Girl
A cool strumming and trembling melody picked out in the field of a summer sunset and a starry night sky. They’re going to continue to win converts to their following with this one.

One Day
A simple jazz-funk, hip hop riff staying as long as your mind can hold out. Still on a roll from his past Silver Lining and X singles, he’s living up to his own worthy ambition.

Mr. Max
Brunchin’ Yuppies
Mr. Max” is the solo project of Atomic Walrus guitarist Max Cohen, and he continues to stretch the boundaries of more taxing matters like genres. The relentless beat, the funk, the colorful guitars and sounding like a cross between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bootsauce. Put this on at Midnight during your party and watch your living room turn into a dance floor.

Kodiak Soul
Nightmares (W/waivs)
The producer hailing from Charlotte North Carolina infuses elements of hip hop and electronic music into a new influx of melodies, beats and everything in between. A claustrophobic set-up turns into wandering off on his own voice and mind. Kodiak’s rich future is there for the underground to get into the serious business of not keeping him on the fringes – he deserves more.

Matt Westin
Our Redneck Of the Woods
Deciding to make a country record in his father’s honour, Matt Westin gives you a seat riding shotgun through the backwoods of country music. Rest assured, he’s on the right track. Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, a hint of Nickelback, all illuminated by an attitude worthy of all those great artists, and his own father.

TJ Stewart
Let Me Love You
TJ emerges as a singer of tenderness as well as power. Dig it if you like the laid-back grooves of The Fray, U2 and Harry Styles, the bedrock of contemporary pop. Peel back the slick, and see the realness and authenticity right here.

Ball Queen
There are a hundred other little things that go into making a great song, but Lewis isn’t about throwing it all in there – just the voice and a piano, raring to go. The durability of a cool song sometimes is the barren route, and Lewis found it. If you believe in Sam Smith and Elton John, this is the indie equivalent, but not for long, he’s ready for the big time.

The Like Violence
My Way
The Like Violence is a fairly new alternative/Indie-rock project from Atlanta, GA’s Dustin Phillips, who has been working with Nate Novarro of Cobra Starship. This is a song you cannot afford to avoid. Meet the new generation of artists influenced by Imagine Dragons and Dustin is on the right path to reaching the same dizzy heights of hit singles and gold albums, too.

Spectre Hearts
Liar Liar
The latest single by Toronto’s Spectre Hearts, produced by Zaddi Pesino and mastered by Chuck Carvalho. They could scare the crap of of every other indie rock band in the city, buzzing with punk attitude and vocals crossing between savage and intimidating. They’re probably much cooler than you, too, and deserve to be. Can’t wait to see them live.