Short Cuts: The Best Songs Heard On February 5, 2018 From The Indie World

Natalie Migdal
I’ve Run Out of Words
When you need to get out of a relationship that’s done, you can do a few things – head for the bar, head for the club, head for friends to cry on, or, if you’re an artist, you write a song about it. Not sure if Natalie did the first couple of choices, but I’m thankful she chose to record her feelings. You don’t have to have gone through a breakup to dig this song, but it’ll help.

Crooked Cat Adams
Lone Bulb
Crooked Cat Adams is not just the greatest name of what could have been the best criminal ever, but the moniker of singer/songwriter Patrick Barry. His tempered vocals are right up front, which is a pretty cool choice to my ears, which leaves no mistake and not be hidden by the music underneath. A great piece of music-making into a trippy, today sound of rock.

As heard on BBC Radio 1 works overtime with his song. It’s easy to see why Elton John tipped him as one to watch. The fast-paced modern pop and R&B cuts through the rest of the pretenders. Rivals anything else I’ve heard this year for greatness.

You’re My Fire
Propelled by his distinctive vocals, with its 1980s raw throwback sound Telamor bridges the gap between the classic rock of yesterday and the indie pop of today. He can control his own musical destiny passing through The Smiths and Squeeze, making it on the other side with his own sound.

Blessed Trooper (ft. Harris)
A dark and spooky track with a hundred-words-a-minute rap hitting you so fast you have to listen twice. Or three times. But you won’t mind. It’s that good.

Whooda Thunk
Walk With Me
By finding inspiration in everything from metal-band Korn, electronic artist Aphex Twin, he’s got his finger on the popular music, while expanding his horizons to meshing genres together.

No stranger to the music industry, Pete spent years as a DJ touring the U.S., enthralling crowds on stages from Lollapalooza to North Coast Music Festival before leaving it all in 2012 to care for his ailing father. After a short stint running a successful restaurant, he’s back in music. Don’t underestimate him – he’s got the qualities of determination, passion and serves notice he’s back and ready to go for good.

Brandon White
Bitter & Bright
His style is reminiscent of great storytellers like Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Cash, and already has a couple of dozen songs licensed for retail establishments and restaurants. This is where the real industry is, and if he keeps up this quality of contemporary songwriting, he’s going to be massive – in the studio writing for others, or on stage. Pick ’em.

Leena Ojala
My World
Indie electronica artist Leena Ojala combines dark lyrics with 80s-infused vibes and big melodies to create a sound that’s at once haunting, ethereal and captivating. It’s the sound of tomorrow, today.

Andrew Fletcher
He says the song is presenting the feeling of “being at a party and feeling detached from the majority of the people there, besides the one person that you’re secretly crazy about.” Oh, man, that’s me. That’s likely you. Meet me in not in the kitchen, but upstairs, playing with the cat. The very definition of lonely, sorrow, and hope put into music.

On Our Own
The kind of rock that should have been huge with Peter Bjorn and John leading the way back in 2006. I’m going to put my money on this band for the next big run coming out of Denmark.