How to learn piano online

How to learn piano online

With the growing technology, we’ve seen a lot of materials being produced to aid with the learning process. These materials include eBooks, software, blog posts and articles among others.

Well, for today, we are going to focus on software as a way of learning how to play piano. Learning to play a piano should be interactive and fun and this is why many emerging materials are usually updated with more interactive features to help facilitate the learning process. (are you interested in the history of the instrument?)

Choosing the best software can be a relatively difficult task especially when you have to consider some things. Anyway, worry not as this article will go through some of the best available software you can use to help you learn.

Software you might want to consider

  1. Piano Nanny

Many times when you want to access the internet but the page you want to view takes ages to load, you will always feel like throwing away your device through the window right?

Well, with piano nanny, you won’t experience any of this. The most liked feature of this product is that, it has minimal graphics. This means that it will be easier for you as a learner to access the pages a bit faster with a lot of ease.

It is suitable for use in areas with low internet connection. It is also available at no cost.

  1. Piano for All

If you are looking for something that will serve you with a lot of convenience, this would be a great place to start. It incorporates the use of embedded audio and video that can instantly be accessed to help with the learning process.

With piano for all, you won’t have to bother about looking for extra files separately to view or to listen to the audio files. Their availability makes your learning process to go easily and smoothly.

Piano for all also gives you a good foundation for music versatility and a specific clear focus.

  1. Zebra keys

Did I forget to mention that you can be able to learn how to play the piano without worrying about the bank? Yes you can. Zebra keys will provide you with everything you need when learning how to play a piano completely for free.

Zebra key is an impressive product considering the fact that they offer good quality lessons and materials without asking for any form of payment.

All you need to pay is attention. It is an ideal product for beginners as it also gives you the ability to hear and view songs as you continue playing them.

  1. Learn Piano online

Even the more accomplished artists or even song writers don’t usually have any idea of how their musical ability has been made from the earlier concepts they learned at the basic level.

Learn piano online will take you from an armature to a pro while equipping you with the full understanding of the music you are playing. With learn piano online, you can find yourself even becoming a tutor within a short time.

  1. Playground Sessions

Just from the name alone, you can already have an idea of what this software is about.

It gives you the ability to actually see the music how it looks like and feel it then concludes everything by giving it an approach that will make sense to you regardless of your level of skills.

Practically, this is what everyone who is aiming to be a great musician should be going for. This software also has the ability to allow you to play any song of your choice when learning.

It also incorporates things like rewards, progress charts and points just to help you in tracking your progress.


There are many software products and materials, like the ones provided on this website, that you can use to help you with your learning process.

Well, even though the decision to choose which one best suits you is yours, I have taken the liberty to help you find a better product by putting together the above list.

For some musicians, they would always describe music s a calling but for ordinary people like you and me, you only need to have a passion for it and believe in what you do.

With the list already in place, it’s your turn to make the pick. Remember, perfect practice always makes perfect. Enjoy your lessons.