Stingray Music Reaches Record Numbers of Canadian Listeners

According to the latest Canadian Listenership Study conducted by Maru/Matchbox, the Stingray Music service has significantly increased its weekly and monthly reach in the past quarter, peaking during the Holiday season.

Stingray is the world-leading provider of multiplatform music and video services, and digital experiences for pay TV operators, commercial establishments, OTT providers, mobile operators, consumers, and more. Its services include audio television channels, premium television channels, 4K UHD television channels, karaoke products, digital signage, in-store music, and music apps. Stingray reaches 400 million subscribers (or users) in 156 countries and its mobile apps have been downloaded over 90 million times. Stingray is headquartered in Montreal and currently has close to 400 employees worldwide.

The Stingray Music mobile app reached 2.5 million downloads and received its highest Apple Store rating in history with 4.8 stars. 68% of Canadians with access to Stingray Music declared tuning in over the past months. This marks a 7% point increase over the September 2017 results. 50% of Canadians with access to Stingray Music had tuned in during the past month. This marks a 14% point increase over the September 2017 results. Nearly 1 in 3 pay TV subscribers confirmed having tuned in to a Stingray Music channel in the past week. This marks a 10% point increase over the September 2017 results.

46% of respondents who tuned in to Stingray Music in the past declared that they would consider switching to a different TV provider if they were offered free music and mobile app access for the same price. Stingray Music’s audio TV channels are offered free to Canadian subscribers with most pay TV packages. The companion mobile app and web player, each with a selection of over 2,000 channels, are available to Canadian subscribers at no extra charge. 9% of respondents reported listening to Stingray Music via a tablet, mobile device or online in the past week. This is higher than results from previous reports (6%).
Stingray Music’s reach remains strong with younger listeners aged 35-54 and 18-34, with 36% and 35% respectively reporting tuning in in the past week. The data collected confirms Stingray Music’s growing popularity and brand awareness across the country.