Vinyl Featuring The Sounds and Music from Dig Dug, Galaga, Mappy, New Rally X And More

Back in the day in our hometown arcade, Galaga was the game that ate the most of our quarters. Those little aliens were so frustrating! But as we got better, we spent fewer and fewer quarters. Most of this we can attribute to memorizing the openings. It was the only way to position ourselves for the best initial offense. After all, killing as many aliens as possible during the entrance ensured a sort of “safe” zone to aid in completing the stage. We can almost hear the “doot doodle dee dee” tune of the next level advancement.

No wait. We CAN hear it. That’s because Namco Museum have this sweet vinyl pressing from their friends at Spacelab9. This Namco Arcade Greatest Hits – Exclusive Vinyl LP is guaranteed to bring back tons of memories, and the limited edition “Pixel Explosion” color vinyl variant is only available here. This recording includes game play and sounds from Bosconian, Dig Dug, Dragon Buster, Galaga, Gaplus, Mappy, New Rally X, Pac-Man, The Return of Ishtar, Rolling Thunder, Sky Kid, Splatterhouse, Tower of Druaga, and Xevious. Packaged in a die-cut jacket that shows the Pac-Man themed sleeve, it’ll remind you of summers ill-spent. Or maybe well-spent. Lots of quarters spent, either way.

Side A
1. Game Play (1:56) PAC-MAN
2. Game Play (2:56) Galaga
3. Game Play (3:16) New Rally X
4. In-Game Music (2:50) Mappy
5. Game Play (1:41) Xevious
6. Game Play (1:42) Dig Dug
7. High Score (0:49) Dig Dug
8. Game Over (0:03) Dig Dug
9. Game Play (3:58) Bosconian

Side B
10. Game Play (5:08) Gaplus
11. BGM: Crag (1:15) Dragon Buster
12. In-Game Music (1:42) Tower of Druaga
13. Sky Kid March (1:38) Sky Kid
14. Game Over (0:04) Sky Kid
15. Main Theme (1:45) The Return of Ishtar
16. Main BGM (3:20) Rolling Thunder
17. Evil Cross & Nightmares (Stage 4) (1:21) Splatterhouse
18. Ending (2:15) Splatterhouse
19. Miss (0:03) PAC-MAN

You can buy it for all your quarters here.